WOW TBC Classic – First Max-Level Draenei and Blood Elf in Pre-Patch

WOW TBC Classic – First Max-Level Draenei and Blood Elf in Pre-Patch
June 7, 2021 0 Comments

As the Burning Legion slowly edges closer to their re-emergence into the lands of Azeroth come this 1st June, players have had the time and opportunity to experiment with new gameplay and in-game mechanics to prepare themselves for the demonic hordes’ imminent invasion.

Now, two (2) staunch WOW Classic players have just managed a wondrous feat to showcase some next-level gamer dedication towards the game – maxing out their new in-game characters (Draenei and Blood-Elf, each) to level 60 within the same day of Pre-Patch launch itself!

This is certainly not something you would find yourself doing, under normal circumstances (countless hours of quest lines, massive grinds, etc.).

But these two (2) WOW Classic players are more than just the usual common folk, mind you.

A player under the in-game moniker of Tommymaze became a popular figure after managing to level up his Blood-Elf character into a powerful level-60 Paladin, in just a matter of hours.

The other, Willemh, managed to do the same by reaching top level with his newly-created Draenei, opting for the Horde’s exclusive Shaman class instead.

What makes their achievements so profound is that both races have just been introduced into WOW Classic, together with Pre-Patch on the exact same day.

With numerous quests for both players to complete, plus a plethora of levelling-up grind to endure, it would seem almost impossible to complete such an impossible task within the time specified.

Still, players such as Tommymaze and Willemh could possibly be returning players from the original Burning Crusade game, already possessing crucial in-game knowledge on the levelling processes, game exploits, and abundant WOW Classic gold to be used to prepare themselves beforehand.

Both wonderful players can be found in the European servers of WOW Classic, so you should definitely check the servers out to be able to bump into them in the game.

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